Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chapter 5: Settling in, Parking and the Market

It's been awhile since I last posted, mostly because we didn't have reliable internet, but also because things have been so crazy that I have been too tired at night to update. But things have finally settled down around here (well, a little bit) and we just got wireless internet today, so it's about time for a new post!

Moving in was crazy. We hauled a lot of furniture and boxes up a lot of stairs. Anyone remember that scene from Friends where Ross tries to move that sofa up the stairs? Yeah, we didn't get anything stuck, but the hassle of going up and down, up and down with chairs, tables, mattresses, and boxes and boxes and boxes was intense. Let's just say I wasn't at my most graceful moment as I threatened to throw up on the furniture.

Speaking of furniture- we have very little. We were planning on getting a sofa or love seat or at least some beanbags, but nothing has panned out yet. So we have been hanging around on pillows and blankets and dining room chairs in the living room. And we don't have TV, so we have spent a lot of free time watching shows online or Aaron's Friends (hence the earlier reference) discs or youtube.

We are all getting along as roomies, and I'm really glad I'm living with these kooky people. I have my close old friends, as well as new friends, to share all these great things with.

So, we are basically, mostly, kinda settled in at the moment. I'm unpacked and have made my little niche in the apartment.

I'm loving Philly- except for a few things. I'm getting used to the walking everywhere, so that's not terrible. But the main thing is driving/parking. Who taught these people how to drive?! Who taught them how to-not double- but TRIPLE park?! How to park in the LEFT TURN LANE!? How to cut everyone off and honk...well, all the time?!! I swear, driving these streets left me swearing, honking and flipping people off. Not my best moment, but hey, at least I'M not the one who triple parked.

Now, one of the best parts of Philly: the Italian Market, which we are right in the middle of. When you walk out of our apartment, you can smell the cheesesteak and pizza being made at Lorenzo's next door. If you cross the street and go down the block, you can meet a little old Italian lady who will pipe a fresh, delicious cannoli right in front of you in a great little bakery. If you turn the corner onto 9th, you'll see the market laid out in front of you- with the spice shop, the cheese stores, the butchers, and all the fruit and vegetable stands. The beauty and deliciousness is indescribable. I felt beyond words when I enter the bustling crowd to buy my onions and homemade breadcrumbs to make my Dad's meatballs (which were the first dish made in our new apartment, appropriately enough). The Market is wonderful.

I have my first internship interview set up for Monday, at an organization that specializes in giving kids a place and support to do creative writing. I hope it goes well; it sounds great! I have two more interviews that are waiting to be set up-both at charter schools, so we'll see.

As for tonight, there is a huge blizzard- with lightning and all (I can almost here Karen Minasi telling me to quick unplug my computer)...the snowfall is crazy...our porch is covered in about a foot! And from a Michigander's P.O.V. this isn't the end of the world- but for Philly it's a cause to go into pandemonium. Before it even started snowing today (just a little hail) schools got out early and businesses shut down. Sheesh. Wish GRPS did that! :)

Oh- Aaron cut off his lion he has a grown up haircut. I barely recognize him!

More tomorrow!

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