Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chapter 8: Starting my Internship and Seeing More of the City

I haven't updated in awhile! Things have gotten a little bit crazy around here. Every night I would either be too busy or just too tired and lazy to update the blog. I'm sorry! But now you get one awesome huge update! Haha

So, what did you miss? Well, I had all my interviews. Two of the places I really liked, another place I didn't like so much. Mostly, if I interned at the third place, I would have had to travel so far via walking/subway/bus/camel riding that it simply wasn't worth it. So, I made my decision early last week and my first day was last Friday! I'm going to be working with the 8th grade English class (and hopefully maybe a 5th or 6th grade Writing class) at a charter school . It's not super close by, but all I have to do is walk to the subway (about a 15 min walk, if I'm taking my time) then hop on the subway, ride it for about 20 mins, and then the stop is literally right in front of my internship. So that's pretty cool; even though it's not really "walking distance" it's still really easy to get to.

So, my first day was last Friday and it was overwhelming/crazy/awesome/eye opening. I'm really excited! The professional atmosphere of the place is great- I was completely embraced by not only the teachers I'm going to be working with, but the rest of the staff. I felt at ease and like I was really a valued member of the team there. Friday was just a lot of observing and meeting people, which I appreciated. I'm hoping to do a bit more of that Monday and maybe even Tuesday, just so I can really get a feel of what is needed and what I want to do there.

So, that's my internship in a nutshell, as I know it so far. Classes are going well and are interesting (some more so then others, however). I've done a lot of exploring since the last time I posted!

Let's see...I went to the Art Museum. It was a lot of fun, the building itself was completely gorgeous, and they had some really great things inside. We even took pictures on the steps that Rocky ran up, hahaha.The museum was so gigantic that we didn't see nearly I'm hoping to go back there again. I also wasn't feeling very well when we all went, so a second time would be good.

What else? Well, we went to First Friday, which is this really great event in Philly where a bunch of the art galleries in Old City are open and free the evening of the first Friday of every month. So, we walked to Old City and wandered in and out of the galleries for awhile. Some of them were underwhelming, but others had really cool stuff in them. It was really fun.

Oh, Andrea and I went to this little cafe in the Italian Market for the first time the other day. It was so good! I got something called the Babies Mama (haha) which is tomatoes, fresh sliced mozzarella, and pesto mayo. I got it on a sesame seed bagel and even sliced up some avocado (that I just bought at the Market) and put it on there. Oh my God, it was heaven! We went back there yesterday and repeated the processed (with me even running out while my bagel was being made to the outside fruit and veggie vendor next store and buying an avocado)! So yummy!

Speaking of food, my housemates and I (minus Aaron of course, because he has been in Paris this past week playing in the Pro Tour of Magic the Gathering) decided to go out Friday night to this barbecue place a few blocks away on South St. It. was. so. good. Unfortunately Andrea and I ate so much (BBQ plus a side plus dessert [and a cocktail for me]) that when we got home we could do nothing except lay on the couch, hoping for death. I went to bed early, vowing never to eat again.

Yesterday was a really fun day. Andrea and I went to Old City again, this time to get all the history. We went and saw the Liberty Bell (smaller that you think it's going to be) and at the entrance to the building we had to take off our coats and get our bags checked...I guess to make sure we weren't trying to blow up the Liberty Bell. Then, we went across the street and went to see Congress Hall and Independence Hall. It's closed off so you have to get searched (again) and then you can go into the courtyard. Andrea and I accidentally joined the most boring tour ever...but managed to sneak out after we got a good look of the real room where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed in the Independence Hall. After that, we took some pictures of a statue of Ben Franklin in a toga outside the Philosophical Society and then went to a tourism mall. It was awesome.

After we got back from Old City, Andrea, Dante and I joined up with some other TPC members at an ice skating rink. It was a lot of fun, even though it was painful! I convinced Collin to ask someone to marry him, so the crowd would think it was real. He asked Nikki and oh my goodness, everyone bought it. It was hilarious! We had a really good time.

So, now I think you are up to speed! Next week brings full time at my internship, more classes, and more exploration of the city!

(I promise I'll update at the very least once a week!!!)