Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chapter 3: Apartment Shopping in the Freezing Rain and Finding a Piece of Sunshine

Even though when we went to sleep last night it was snowing, we woke up this morning to freezing rain. Which would be fine, except we are in a city where you walk everywhere- and today we had to find an apartment. Well, I guess technically we didn’t have to find it today.

But let’s be honest. I’m nothing if I’m not impatient and impulsive.

So for me- it had to be TODAY. J

So, our umbrella-less trio went out and went to our first showing- a mansion. The house was gorgeous on the inside. The bedrooms were surreal- like something you would expect a Duchess to sleep in. It had four bedrooms- but each one could easily fit three people in it. The neighborhood didn’t impress us, but it had parking, so that was a plus.

We went to the next showing- 3 apartments right in the middle of the Italian Market district. We fell in love with the first one. It had a good living area, washer and drier, really spacious bedrooms and plenty of bathrooms. Also- the Italian Market neighborhood is just phenomenal. I fit right in! We saw 4 more apartments after this one- but the first one was perfect for us, hands down. One of the best parts? $300 a month per person- plus utilities (which will also be split 5 ways). Heck. Yes.

We found two other people, so we had a total of five, that agreed to get it with us. Then there was a frenzied rush to get to the realtor’s office to drop off the deposit. We did it, though and secured the apartment! We sign the lease on Friday and move in on Saturday. Before that though, we have to call to set up electric and gas. We also decided on getting internet, but no cable…because we are all in the poor house J

I’m unbelievably excited about the apartment and about my new housemates. I can’t wait for Saturday!!

In other news my legs are hollering at me because they aren’t this used to walking for around six or seven hours at a time…oh well. No huge walking trips tomorrow though- registering for classes, getting an advisor and starting to think about internships!

Also, we went to the Comcast Center (which HAS to be the biggest skyscraper here. We couldn’t even see the top because there were clouds in the way! Well…low clouds…or high fog…but it’s massive!) and ate at the food court. I had a delicious corned beef and pastrami sandwich. Is it just me, or does everything just taste better here??

I think so.

Reading and sleeping tonight!

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